About Us

Welcome to Al-Shama

At Al-Shama, we welcome you to our world of modest fashion with open hearts and open arms. Founded by Ayesha Shujaat, our brand embodies a vision inspired by the name “Shama,” which holds a special place in our founder’s heart. Just as a flame lights up the darkness, Al-Shama seeks to illuminate the world of modesty and style with our unique collection of hijab and abaya clothing.

Our Story

Al-Shama is more than just a clothing brand; it’s a tribute to the values and heritage passed down through generations. Ayesha Shujaat, our founder, draws her inspiration from her mother, whose name, Shama, signifies a guiding light and symbolizes warmth, comfort, and grace. It was her mother’s unwavering commitment to modesty and her elegant sense of style that planted the seeds for Al-Shama.

Ayesha’s journey in the world of modest fashion began as a personal mission to provide women with attire that embodies grace, elegance, and comfort. She understood the challenges that many women face when seeking clothing that combines contemporary fashion with modesty. Ayesha’s commitment to empowering women through style led to the creation of Al-Shama.

At Al-Shama, we believe that modesty is not a compromise; it’s a statement of strength and individuality. Our clothing is a reflection of the diverse, dynamic, and confident women who choose to express themselves through modest fashion. Every design, fabric choice, and stitch is a testament to our dedication to quality, creativity, and the celebration of modesty.

As we continue our journey, we remain committed to providing you with meticulously crafted hijabs and abayas that reflect your unique style and identity. We invite you to explore our collection and become a part of the Al-Shama family, where modesty meets fashion in perfect harmony.

Our Team Member

Ayesha Shujaat

Founder and CEO

Md Saif Ali

Operation Manager